Court challenge on Florida governor’s threats to campus free speech

Two high school teachers, a professor and a kindergartner filed a federal lawsuit to prevent Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s Stop Woke Act from taking effect July 1. According to the lawsuit, the act would allow the state to prohibit certain speech and provides only vague standards that can be used to silence speech on political topics. DeSantis says he wants to prevent indoctrination in Florida. To that end he has already passed a law that makes it more difficult for professors to retain tenure. Tenure allows professors the freedom to discuss controversial topics without fear of retaliation from administrators. (Tallahassee Democrat, June 16, 2022, by John Kennedy of USA TODAY)

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  • I am a legal researcher focusing on the First Amendment. Finding appropriate news sources can be a challenge. Thanks for the consistency of your reporting. Just wanted to let FAC know there seems to be a typo of DeSantis’ name the first time. Again, thanks for all the hard work! This news outlet is awesome.

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