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Police Transparency Guide

RESOURCES police transparency guide Download the Police Transparency Guide Police Transparency Guide Introduction NOTE: An updated version of this guide will be available in 2023. Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when the update is published. For decades, California was one of the most secretive states when it came...

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News Special projects Covid-19 Transparency and Oversight Open-Government Advocacy ACCESS TO COURTS: FEDERAL U.S. Administrative Office of the Courts After monitoring varying remote access procedures in federal courts, the First Amendment Coalition on April 2 urged the U.S. Administrative Office of the Courts to ensure the press and public had...

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The Bryan Carmody Story | In-Depth

News special projects THE BRYAN CARMODY STORY | IN-DEPTH On May 10, 2019, San Francisco police showed up at the home of freelance journalist Bryan Carmody, equipped with a sledgehammer and pickax that they used to try to batter down his front gate. Guns drawn, officers placed Carmody in handcuffs...

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