Our Donors


Our Donors

Katherine Rowlands, FAC Board President, 2023

“I’m honored to express our deep gratitude to the hundreds of 2023 donors who made gifts large and small, one time or monthly. You share our commitment to leading this fight with integrity and passion. FAC couldn’t do this critical work without you!”

Katherine Rowlands

FAC Board President and Publisher of Bay City News

2023 Donors

Ida b. Wells Visionaries

James B. McClatchy Foundation

Jonathan Logan Family Foundation 

The Hearst Foundations 

Meadow Fund

Rowland Rebele

Craig Newmark Philanthropies

Ben King

John Lewis Champions

Carol and Doug Melamed

Donald Graham

Park Foundation

Margaret and Will Hearst

Jovita Idar game changers

Susan McClatchy

Sandy Yoffie

Raymond Pryke Foundation

florence perlow shientag trailblazers ($5000 +)

Disney Worldwide Services

Hal Fuson

Southern California News

Peter Scheer

Eva Grove


Alica Del Valle

Arjay and Frances Miller

Bill Johnson

Greg and Anne Avis

Karl Olson

Reed and Betsy Hundt

Richard Gingras


Tim Giago Groundbreakers

Mel Opotowsky

Scott Lindlaw 

Carla Lazzareschi

Marcos Breton

Alan Braverman

Scripps Howard Foundation

Horacio Gutierrez

Karen Stevenson

Ken and Kathy Doctor

Marty and Christi Weybret



Daniel EllsBerg Leaders


Thomas R. Burke

Juliet Williams

Cheryl Brown

Tenaya Rodewald

Bruce Brugmann

Kristi Humphries

Simone Coxe 

Ricardo Sandoval-Palos

Carl Douglas

Donal and Brenda Brown

Erwin Chemerinsky 

John Temple

Thomas and Donna Lockner

Kelly Caffarelli

Craig Harrington 

NFOIC – National Freedom of Information Coalition

Abenicio Cisneros

Jim Newton

David McCraw

Edward Wasserman

Steve Fainaru

William Simons

David Becker and Leslie Seeman

Herman Kohlmeyer

Jefferson Rice and Ina Chun

Kristin Martin

Duffy Carolan

Michael Johnson

Sandra Hess

Peter Opotowsky

Bob Rawitch