FAC’s greatest asset is in the legal wisdom and experience accrued over 30 years of successfully holding governments accountable at the local, state, and federal levels, supporting journalists and educating citizens on how to enforce their First Amendment rights


Legal Initiatives

FAC conducts a program of strategic litigation by initiating “test case” lawsuits to resolve key legal issues in a way that maximizes chances for a favorable outcome, with far-reaching effects. Go to Strategic Litigation

FAC weighs in on issues in already-filed cases through the submission of amicus curiae (“friend of the court”) briefs. We also enlist other organizations and interested parties to join our amicus briefs. Go to Amicus Briefs

The Legal Hotline gives users quick, free access to FAC’s lawyers for questions about access to public records; your right to attend public meetings; access to court documents and proceedings. Go to Legal Hotline

Asked & Answered is a searchable database of questions posed by users about open government laws, and First Amendment safeguards that have been answered by FAC’s attorney. Go to Asked & Answered

The S.D.I. aims to provide pro bono or reduced-rate counsel trained in the intricacies of subpoena defense to defend journalists—particularly those from independent and nonprofit media outlets. Go to Subpoena Defense