‘Don’t Say Gay’ law passes in Florida

Even though there is no LGBTQ curriculum in Florida’s schools for kindergarten though grade three, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill forbidding instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity for those grades. Called the “Don’t Say Gay” law, the measure prompted fears it would have a chilling effect on Florida classrooms. (The Associated Press, March 128, 2022, by Anthony Izaguirre)

Walt Disney Company CEO called for the repeal of the law and said the company had worked behind the scenes to oppose the law, a challenge to human rights. (The Hollywood Reporter, March 28, 2022, by Alex Weprin)

Teachers are limited in exercising their free speech rights while instructing students, but many worry that they could inadvertently say things that could prompt a parent’s lawsuit. (The Hill, March 5, 2022, by Brooke Migdon)