Guiliani hits Smartmatic with free speech law suit

Rudy Guiliani filed a counter suit against Smartmatic to pay his legal fees in a $12.7 billion lawsuit the company brought against him for false claims over the rigging of the 2020 presidential election. Guiliani claims the Smartmatic litigation blocks his right to speak out on matters of public interest. (U.S.News & World Report, June 14, 2022, by Jonathan Stempel of Reuters)

Giuliani argues since a New York state judge dismissed some of Smartmatic’s claims in March that the company should pay his legal fees. “”Smartmatic’s litigation tactics, including its facially implausible damages claims, are a naked attempt to attack a well-known public figure,” the counterclaim read. “This lawsuit is plainly designed to censor and chill anyone who might consider exercising their constitutional rights to cover allegations by public figures concerning Smartmatic or its voting systems that Smartmatic deems unflattering.”(Business Insider, June 14, 2022, by Azmi Haroun)

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