Fox News ‘big lies’ fare poorly in court

Eric Wemple, The Washington Post, August 19, 2021, describes the carnage in the virtual courtroom of the New York State Supreme Court Judge David B. Cohen as Fox News attempted to dismiss the voting machine company Smartmatic’s libel lawsuit. Smartmatic lawyer J. Erik Connolly presented convincing arguments that Fox should enjoy no protection in presenting statements with no evidentiary basis and that the company’s business only became public when the defendants made up lies implicating the company. Cohen established that Fox anchor Lou Dobbs made no attempt to verify that Smartmatic had been banned in Texas.

Cohen said that experts rejected any charges that the election was hacked and stolen from former President Donald Trump and that Fox’s Tucker Carlson even criticized Trump lawyer Sidney Powell for failing to back theories with evidence. (Reuters, August 17, 2021, by Jan Wolfe)

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