Watch: Accessing Police Misconduct Records in California with KQED

Accessing Police Misconduct Records in California | A Live Event Featuring KQED’s ‘On Our Watch’ Journalists and Leading Open-Government Attorneys


A look into the “On Our Watch” podcast by KQED and NPR and how journalists, activists and citizens can access public records to uncover misconduct.

When California’s landmark police transparency law, SB 1421, took effect, it opened the door to previously hidden police files. However, it took an organized effort to enforce the law and inform the public. FAC and KQED went to court with a cadre of lawyers, and assembled a coalition of media partners to extract, uncover, and expose misconduct, abuse, and criminal behavior by agencies and individuals engaged in law enforcement in California.

Through records requests, tough reporting, and public records litigation, the coalition dubbed the California Reporting Project has brought secrets to light, gained the compliance of unwilling, and amplified the stories of victims.

Learn firsthand from the creators of the investigative podcast “On Our Watch” how this work led to the show. Get behind the scenes insight on the legal battles from the lawyers who fought them, and learn how to request and use police records to hold California agencies accountable. This event for journalists, activists, and concerned citizens is being presented jointly by KQED and FAC.


David Snyder, executive director, First Amendment Coalition
Tenaya Rodewald, special counsel, Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton
Sukey Lewis, criminal justice reporter, KQED
Alex Emslie, criminal justice reporter, KQED


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