Support FAC!

Support FAC!
Earning Your Support

FAC works to make government more accountable to you by defending your right to criticize government and by making government more open, more transparent and (as a result) more responsive to the people. Here are some of the ways we do it:

Strategic Litigation

Publisher Tim Crews with his Valley Mirror

FAC brings state and federal lawsuits in its own name.  These cases are selected with a view to maximizing chances of success and obtaining outcomes that will have far-reaching impact.  FAC also participates in “friend of the court” briefs in significant cases.

Legal Hotline

Legal Hotline FAC’s Legal Hotline is a one-on-one legal consultation service available at no charge to the public on FAC’s website. Every year, more than a thousand individuals receive answers to their legal questions about access to government records and meetings, the First Amendment and related issues.

Legislative Oversight

Prop 42FAC tracks the CA Legislature and works to maximize public access in California laws. We are supporters of Proposition 42, “The People’s Right To Know Act” on the June 4, 2014 ballot.

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Technical Assistance

If you encounter technical difficulties using the donation page, please call the FAC office directly at 415-460-5060.  We will help you resolve any problem or answer any questions you may have.  Thank you!

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We appreciate your show of support for our work.  On this page you can become a member, make a donation or renew an existing membership — using a credit card, PayPal or by sending us a check. Use the “Comment” area to tell us what inspired your donation or to provide additional information to help us process your payment. (For example: If the name on the credit card is different from that of the FAC member.)