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A&A: Charged as “disorderly person” for asserting my right to free speech by yelling at protesters

Q:  I was recently charged as a “disorderly person” after yelling out of my car window, “get off my lawn you fucking faggots,” as I passed people engaged in a protest. Is what I said protected by the First Amendment? A: Speech that insults someone because of race, gender or sexual orientation is understood in general parlance as “hate speech.”  […]

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Remembering FAC Founding Father and California Journalism Giant, Frank McCulloch

Frank McCulloch, a giant in California journalism, played an important role in the founding of FAC in 1988. McCulloch was a key editor who helped transition a small Freedom of Information committee, sponsored by the California Newspaper Publishers Association, into an independent organization of journalists, attorneys and FOI/First Amendment experts  who would be serving the general public […]

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A&A: Can A Public Official Interrupt A Speaker During Public Comment Time?

Q:  I experienced an incident at a meeting of my county board of supervisors. Upon addressing the Board for my allotted three minutes, a district supervisor interrupted me, commenting about previous issues I’d raised about county agencies. I am of the understanding that Supervisors are not allowed to publicly comment on matters raised during the public comment […]

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