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A&A: Are Power Point Presentations to Board of Healthcare District Public Records?

Q: I recently attended a board meeting of the Grossmont Healthcare District. A staff person from the Sharp Grossmont Hospital gave a 15 min. update/report on several topics hospital (e.g., new employee and medical staff satisfaction surveys/results–and patient satisfaction regarding emergency dept. and inpatient services on different floors of hospital. At the end of the hospital […]

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A&A: Decision Reached By County Supervisors Without A Public Meeting

Q:  A group of community members drafted a petition to place on Change.org, requesting an audit of a county department.  After receiving several thousand signatures, the results, broken out by supervisorial district, were sent to each county supervisor. One supervisor replied that these matters have been addressed. “Therefore, neither I nor my colleagues on the Board […]

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A&A: Was My Public Records Request Denial As “Unduly Burdensome” Justified?

Q: I recently submitted a public records request tothe county. My request was denied on two objections: The first was that it wasn’t specific enough. The second reason was this: “The County further objects that your request is unduly burdensome. Responsive documents will likely include records that are exempt from disclosure, such as records that reveal […]

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A&A: Does the Brown Act Offer Recourse for Activists Barred from City Council Meeting?

Q:  I am part of a coalition of anti-illegal immigration activists. We have been protesting and attending City Council meetings because they appointed two illegal aliens to city commissions. When we attend city council meetings they can get raucous. At a June meeting, our group and those activists supporting illegal immigration were sequestered in the city […]

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