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San Francisco City Attorney Releases Reams of Records in Response to FAC CPRA Request

In response to multiple California Public Records Act requests from the First Amendment Coalition, San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera produced hundreds of pages of emails between Herrera campaign supporters and Herrera’s staff or Herrera himself.  The City Attorney initially asserted that the records were not subject to disclosure under the CPRA.  FAC respectfully disagreed, […]

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Joint Statement from FAC and EFF on DOJ Leaks Investigations

Jeff Sessions’ Statement About Leak Investigations Raises Deeply Disturbing Issues For Journalists, Transparency Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ announcement today that the Department of Justice has tripled its number of “active leak investigations” in the past six months, and that DOJ is “reviewing policies affecting media subpoenas” raised serious red flags for journalists, their sources, and […]

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FAC to California Court of Appeal: The Public Can’t See What No Longer Exists

FAC recently filed a “friend of court” brief in a California Court of Appeal case addressing an issue of critical importance to the public’s ability to obtain records under the California Public Records Act: should a CPRA requester be required to get a court order—an injunction—to prevent the government from destroying records? The clear answer […]

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Gmail Nation: The Privatization of Public Records and Public Access

By DAVID SNYDER—The California Supreme Court ruled last month that records stored on government officials’ personal email accounts are subject to the California Public Records Act. This answer seems obvious: government officials should not be able to conceal otherwise public records by simply using Gmail. And yet the law has been surprisingly slow to recognize […]

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Federal Judge Prevents Enforcement of California’s “IMDb Law” on First Amendment Grounds

A federal judge on February 22 issued a preliminary injunction preventing enforcement of a California law that sought to prohibit the publication of the ages of actors, producers and others on the popular internet movie database, IMDb. FAC joined several other free-speech advocacy groups in filing a “friend of the court” brief last month opposing […]

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The Threat to Free Speech is Real. But It Isn’t Coming From Where You Might Think.

BY DAVID SNYDER–Critics of Donald Trump don’t have far to look for evidence that he is hostile to free speech and a free press. Trump has called for criminal prosecution of those who burn the American flag, has declared a “running war” with the media, and routinely derides the press as uniformly “dishonest” and “disgusting.” […]

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