Should FCC review Fox broadcasting licenses?

Former Fox executive Preston Padden in Daily Beast, June 14, 2023, asks the question, is it time for the Federal Communications Commission to consider revoking Fox broadcasting licenses? Section 308 (b) of the Communications Act requires the FCC to assess the character of those licensed to broadcast on public airwaves. In the Dominion defamation case, Rupert Murdock’s admitted that Fox repeatedly disseminated falsehoods about the 2020 election.

The FCC is limited in its power to act to rein in Fox as cable TV does not use public airwaves. But many are asking why the FCC is not investigating the spread of lies on Fox public affiliates. Former FCC chair Reed Hundt noted, “Those licenses are supposed to be held only if you serve the public interest. Intentionally lying to people is not consistent with the public interest.” (NBC News, March 9, 2023, by Jason Abbruzzese and Kevin Collier)

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