Columnists see little hope for change at Fox

Jack Shafer of Politico, April 18, 2023, writes that the Fox payout of $787.3 million in the Dominion Voting systems defamation case released them from the prospect of a torturous courtroom experience of putting Rupert Murdoch and prominent Fox hosts on the stand. And Fox won’t have to make public statements about their lies or change their ways of doing things. “…the Fox hosts that helped push Donald Trump’s stolen election lies on a gullible viewership,” writes Shafer, “will continue to anchor their shows. Fox will continue to air its swill. The Fox viewers who lost faith in the network over the election lies will forget the interval the way mothers forget the trauma of childbirth and return to the network because it so brilliantly stimulates their fears and grievances.”

Eric Wemple of The Washington Post, April 128, 2023, points to Fox’s statement after the settlement that concluded, “This settlement reflects FOX’s continued commitment to the highest journalistic standards.” The statement shows Fox learned nothing from the experience and does not own up to their years of peddling lies to their viewers.