Arizona law restricting filming of police fares poorly in federal court

A federal judge blocked an Arizona law from taking effect on September 24 that would keep those recording the activities of police officer no closer than eight feet. It is curious that neither state Attorney General Mark Brnovich or Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell, named in the suit, said they would defend the law in court. (AZ Mirror, September 9, 2022, by Caitlin Sievers and Jim Small)

Federal District Judge John J. Tuchi gave the state legislature a week to decide if it wants to defend the law. A news organization attorney said the law did not pass constitutional muster since it prohibited a citizen from just standing at a scene and making a video recording, a activity protected for the First Amendment. The AP filed a friend of the court brief in the case. (The Associated Press, September 9, 2022, by Bob Christie)

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