Republicans strive to limit right to record police

Republican-dominated state legislatures are introducing laws with criminal penalties for filming police.The lawmakers are ignoring the fact that in the last 25 years the first, third, fifth, seventh ninth and eleventh district federal appeals courts have upheld the right of citizens to film the police. (VICE, March 25, 2022, by Trone Dowd)

An Arizona bill would prevent citizens from recording police within eight feet of an officer when the officer is engaging someone. (MSNBC, February 23, 2022, by Ja’han Jones)

Elvia Diaz of the Arizona Republic, azcentral, March 18, 2022, reminds the reader that it was a bystander who filmed police officer Derek Chauvin’s knee on George Floyd’s neck for eight minutes that ultimately resulted in Chauvin’s conviction and jail sentence.

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