Reprieve for CPRA as Legislature, Gov. Brown accept budget bill that leaves open-gov law intact

Gov. Jerry Brown, Senators Darrell Steinberg and Mark Leno all reversed course on changes to CPRA in Budget BillIt’s official!  The Public Records Act will be restored when Gov. Brown signs the Budget Bill into law.

The fate of the CPRA unfolded  this week as public and media criticism grew over the Legislature’s adoption of a section of the Budget Bill that allowed local governments to opt out of key provisions in the Public Records Act.  The Assembly was first to blink, announcing on Wednesday that it would  vote to remove the CPRA changes from the bill.  Although the Senate initially balked, public pressure prevailed on Senate leaders. Finally, Governor Brown agreed to reverse course on the budgetary cost-cutting scheme.

Here are the latest headlines and recent developments:

The governor’s spokesman, Evan Westrup, told The Associated Press on Thursday that the governor’s office supports the new approach taken by the Democratic leaders in the Assembly and Senate.    CBS/AP:  Gov. Brown, Legislature Agree To Fix Public Records Bill


Under increasing public pressure, Gov. Jerry Brown on Thursday abandoned a plan that could have limited access to government records.

Brown spoke to the national nurses‘ union in San Francisco on Thursday morning, but raced off the stage without taking questions from reporters.

His reversal was confirmed by administration sources Thursday afternoon. LA Times: Jerry Brown abandons plan to limit access to government records


In a resounding victory for open government advocates and the California media, Gov. Jerry Brown and the Legislature on Thursday backed away from plans to scrap funding for cities and other local agencies to comply with the state’s open records law.  SJ  Mercury News: California public records funding will remain after Legislature, Gov. Jerry Brown reverse course



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