Scheer discusses Citizens United on HuffPost Live’s “Paying for Free Speech”

 Peter Scheer on HuffPost Live "Paying for Free Speech"
FAC Executive Director Peter Scheer participated in a lively online discussion centered on the non-profit organization Citizens United  and their new anti Obama film that will air on TV 82 times before November’s election, a first for a film of its kind.  The question posed to the panel was: Is there anything wrong with airing the film so close to the election? 
The panel aired on HuffPost Live, the Huffington Post’s new online network featuring live discussion with panelists logging in via their computer’s video cameras. The segment on Citizens United was hosted by Mike Sacks.  Scheer, whose columns also appear on Huffington Post,  as joined on the Live segment by four other panelists:
  • Bob Biersack (Washington D.C., United States) Senior Fellow at the Center for Responsive Politics @Rbiersack
  • David Bossie (Washington D.C., United States) Founder and Director of Citizens United @Citizens_United
  • Lisa Graves (Washington D.C., United States) Center for Media and Democracy Executive Director @thelisagraves
  • Mike Lux (Washington D.C., United States) HuffPost Blogger, Principal at Democracy Partners @progressivelux

See it here:  “Paying for Free Speech”