Appeals court denies FAC request to join appeal over Apple-Samsung secrecy

A federal appeals court in Washington, DC  denied the First Amendment Coalition’s request to intervene in a pending appeal in the Apple v. Samsung litigation. FAC had sought to intervene as a party in the appeal to defend the trial judge’s ruling ordering the unsealing of certain confidential financial records filed by Apple and Samsung “under seal.”

However, the appeals court effectively invited FAC to participate in the case as an “amicus curiae” or friend of the court. To do so, FAC will have to file an amicus brief by Oct. 14, the court said.

FAC executive director Peter Scheer said that FAC will, indeed, join the case in an amicus capacity. “At this moment, the only participants in the appeal–Apple and Samsung–both favor complete secrecy for their records,” said Scheer. “First Amendment interests and the public interest need to have a voice in such an important case, and that’s why FAC will be there.” – FAC