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Watch Pulling Back the Blue Curtain
Watch Now: Pulling Back the Blue Curtain

You might want to put on welding goggles and spf 50 sunscreen because more than a few sparks fly when FAC’s Peter Scheer and KPCC’s Frank Stoltze ask the panel of law-enforcement-access experts: “How much access to police records is warranted; how much is too much? 

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Legal Hotline

The Legal Hotline offers free access to FAC’s lawyers for questions about freedom of speech and government access: access to government records; to agency and local government meetings; and to court documents and proceedings.

Legal Hotline
Asked & Answered
Asked &  Answered

Asked & Answered, a great resource on access-to-government and free speech issues, is a database of our lawyers’ answers to questions submitted to FAC’s Legal Hotline consultation service. The questions and answers cover the whole waterfront of freedom of speech and open-government issues.

Asked & Answered
FAC's Model Email Policy
FAC's Model Email PolicyFAC’s Model E-Mail Policy

To avoid the PRA, public officials use private email account instead of their official dot-gov account. It’s a practice that needs to change so we’ve developed simple, practical model email policy for local governments. Maybe it would work in your community.

Model E-mail Policy

On Access by Peter Scheer
Opinion by Peter Scheer 

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