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FAC & KPCC present Pulling Back the Blue Curtain
Pulling Back the Blue Curtain

FAC and KPCC – Southern California Public Radio – invite you to join us and in a discussion on: “How much access to police records  is warranted, and how much is too much?  Thursday, July 17, 6:30 p.m.  Reserve tickets or find out how to view the event via live stream at the link below.

Legal Hotline

The Legal Hotline offers free access to FAC’s lawyers for questions about freedom of speech and government access: access to government records; to agency and local government meetings; and to court documents and proceedings.

Legal Hotline
Asked & Answered
Asked &  Answered

Asked & Answered, a great resource on access-to-government and free speech issues, is a database of our lawyers’ answers to questions submitted to FAC’s Legal Hotline consultation service. The questions and answers cover the whole waterfront of freedom of speech and open-government issues.

Asked & Answered
FAC's Model Email Policy
FAC's Model Email PolicyFAC’s Model E-Mail Policy

To avoid the PRA, public officials use private email account instead of their official dot-gov account. It’s a practice that needs to change so we’ve developed simple, practical model email policy for local governments. Maybe it would work in your community.

Model E-mail Policy

On Access by Peter Scheer
Opinion by Peter Scheer 

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