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FAC Regularly holds public forums that bring lawyers, journalists and citizens together in venues from coast to coast to advance the discussion on government transparency, free speech and citizen engagement.

Past Events


What Happened to The ‘Golden Age of Free Speech’?

Dec. 6, 2018

A conversation that explores how to promote and protect free expression in this environment. What role should the new “gatekeepers”—Google, Twitter and Facebook—play? What ways can people sort through the chaos to find reliable information? How can we protect the rights and values guaranteed by the First Amendment in an era when public speech has essentially become privatized?

Oct. 3,2018

FAC joined with KQED Public Radio and the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism to host a candid conversation among both reporters and observers, who will reflected on how we got here, what responsible journalism’s response to Trump’s rhetoric should be, and most importantly, what journalists can do now to combat the anti-press agenda and restore public trust in the post-truth age.

Juy 17, 2018

FAC, Bloomberg and Electronic Frontier Foundation hosted a discussion regarding the future of free speech when private companies like tech giants Google, Facebook, and Twitter are charged with policing communications on the Internet?  Since the First Amendment doesn’t apply to private companies, they’re left to decide for themselves what to allow and what to censor.

Fake News

Fact or Fiction?: How to Combat Disinformation in the Digital Age

May 10, 2018

FAC, New America and Slate’s Future Tense met in Washington DC to address the First Amendment challenges that arise when policymakers call for limits on speech and greater involvement by tech companies in policing online content. Are these steps the answer? Or should we be developing a long-term strategy for educating Americans and honing their media literacy skills.

Credit: UC Berkeley, University Archives, Photo By Don Kechely, 11-20- 1964

Trolls, Tweets and Free Speech: The First Amendment on Campus

April 18, 2018

Southern California Public Radio’s Adolfo Guzman-Lopez and FAC’s David Snyder hosted a conversation with panelists on how college administrators protect free speech while also ensuring a safe environment in which students can learn and thrive? Has the increased use of social media affected the way we understand speech rights in the real world? 

FAC’s Executive Director on the First Amendment in the Age of Trump

Nov. 10,2017

FAC Executive Director David Snyder, Gene Policinski, COO of the Newseum Institute, and Susan Seager, columnist at TheWrap, joined TheWrap’s CEO and Editor in Chief Sharon Waxman at Mountain View’s Computer History Museum for a discussion on the  fake news, the consequences of fake news, and the White House’s disdain for the media.