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FOIA precedents and the CPRA #2

FOIA precedents and the CPRA #2 Q: Would a Federal FOIA (Exemption 6) be precedent setting inCalifornia where the records in question fall under CPRA Section 6254(c) – personnel, medical, or similar files. Thank you. I appreciate it.CPRA exemption for private personal informationSection 6254Personnel, medical or similar files, the disclosure of which would constitute an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy.(b)(6) EXEMPTION 6 Personal Information Affecting an Individual’s Privacy. This exemption permits the government to withhold

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Documents relating to employment

Documents relating to employment Q: I applied for a job with a public transit agency in California. I did not get the job and would like to know if my previous employer in another state gave me a negative reference. The agency has refused to give me this information (saying it is against their policy), though I believe it is my right to have access to it. My attorney believes this is covered by FOIA,

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68 Ops. Cal. Atty. Gen. 73 Amounts and Reasons for Executive Officers’ Performance Bonuses Subject to CPRA(1985)

Office of the Attorney General State of California 68 Ops. Cal. Atty. Gen. 73 Opinion No. 84-1204 April 18, 1985 THE HONORABLE MICHAEL D. BRADBURY DISTRICT ATTORNEY OF VENTURA COUNTY THE HONORABLE MICHAEL D. BRADBURY, DISTRICT ATTORNEY OF VENTURA COUNTY, has requested an opinion on the following question: Are records of the amounts and reasons for performance awards granted to executive managers of a city subject to disclosure under the Public Record Act? CONCLUSION Records

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