Trump allies suffering costly defeats in election denying defamation

Arizona senate candidate Kari Lake caved on defending herself against a defamation lawsuit filed by Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer who said Lake claimed falsely that he caused her defeat in a close race for governor by printing 19-inch images on 20-inch ballots and inserting 300,000 or so “bogus” ballots into the election count. (Arizona Capitol Times, March 26, 2024, by Kuera Riley)

Aaron Blake in The Washington Post, March 27, 2024, writes that recent defeats suffered by Lake and Rudy Giuliani in defamation lawsuits on stolen election claims shows how hollow the claims are. “Politics has always involved stretching the truth about your political opponents,” writes Blake. “But it tends to be done with a deft touch and plausible deniability. What we have today is a movement, led by the President of 30,000 False or Misleading Claims, that is increasingly shameless about spreading the thinnest and most debunkable of claims about supposedly nefarious opponents.”

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