Musk gaining GOP allies in fending off criticism of X and hate speech

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey is defending multi-billionaire Elon Musk and X by suing Media Matters for its investigations of hate speech on X. Bailey claims Media Matters fraudulently manipulated data to show that X placed ads for leading brands next to Nazi posts. (ars technica, March 26, 2024, by Jon Brodkin)

Bailey’s lawsuit seeks internal documents on its 2023 coverage of X and hate speech. It follows the move by Texas attorney general, Ken Paxton who is investigating Media Matters as a “radical anti-free speech organization.” Media Matters contends that Musk is lining up Republicans to help him fight any attempts to criticize X for its extremism and hate speech content. (The Guardian, March 30, 2024, by Ava Sasani)

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