Oberlin college loses $31 million defamation case

Oberlin College lost its appeal to the Ohio Supreme Court of a ruling that they must pay $31 million to a bakery who sued the school after accusations of racism against the owners. The court voted 4-3 not to hear the case. The case centered on a shoplifting incident involving three Black students in 2016. The students admitted their guilt, but in the meantime, the student government accused the bakery of a history of racism; a dean passed out fliers against the bakery; and the bakery’s products were banned from the dining halls. (Cleveland.com, August 30, 2022, by Jeremy Pelzer)

In a statement about the case, the bakery’s lawyers said the case was never about the First Amendment and that Oberlin College’s bullying tactics could not prevail over the power of truth. (The Chronicle-Telegram, August 30, 2022, by Dave O’Brien)

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  • This is a good ruling. The spiteful procedures followed by Oberlin which prides itself on its inclusivity etc. set out to ruin a family business. What is the mission statement of this place? You can get away with anything if you are a person of colour? I hope they are forced to pay every cent.

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