Know Your Rights: A Workshop Series

Know Your Rights Workshop
Know Your Rights Workshop

Know Your Rights

A webinar series by the First Amendment Coalition and Exhaling Injustice

Exposing Injustices

Through Public Records

VIDEO from Wednesday, June 8

In this session, open-government experts will offer an introduction to the California Public Records Act, and tips for using public records to expose injustices and hold public officials accountable. We’ll answer questions like: How can public records help you identify and correct injustices? What kind of records are you entitled to obtain from local and state government officials, including law enforcement agencies? What information can you find in public records that your community wants or needs to know? How do you get started writing and submitting  public records requests? Where can you turn for free legal support when you encounter barriers accessing public information?

Protesting Injustices

Through Demonstrations

VIDEO from Wednesday, June 15

The First Amendment protects your right to assemble and express your views through protest and demonstrations. But law enforcement and other government officials are allowed to limit certain activity. Make sure you’re prepared by brushing up on your rights before heading into the streets to protest injustices. The session will cover legal protections and limitations for engaging in protest activity, and practical tips for documenting and protesting police in public. 

Stopping Injustices

Through Participation in Public Meetings

VIDEO from Wednesday, June 22 

In this session, open-government experts will offer an introduction to the Ralph M. Brown Act, California’s main open meetings law. Learn tips for exercising your right to speak out at public meetings so you can raise awareness about injustices and demand answers and actions from public officials. Learn about your rights to make public comment, such as whether you can attend and speak anonymously, and what kind of restrictions government officials can put in place on your ability to speak out. 

Featuring San Diego advocates:
Tasha Williamson, president, Exhaling Injustice
David Loy, legal director, First Amendment Coalition
W/ FAC’s Ginny LaRoe and Monica Price

All workshops are free. 

Resources mentioned in the webinar series: