Courts put the onus on those spouting stolen election lies

The flimsy foundations of the lies about election fraud and voter system manipulation are crumbling under the pressures of court appearances, reports Jeremy Stahl of Slate, October 28, 2021. When faced with penalties of perjury, Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell and others lying about the 2020 election were forced to admit they had no facts to support their assertions of a stolen election. The civil lawsuits seeking damages have better than average chance of exacting millions in penalties. Giuliani may be hard pressed to pay the fines while fewer news outlets would risk spreading his false statements. “More substantively, writes Stahl, “the suits have already limited the platforms of some of the most dangerous conspiracists around. Add to that the fact that the suits could result in mountains of legal debt and monetary damages that could prove financially crippling to many of the worst offenders.”

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