Record-preservation under Trump never a high priority

President Donald Trump has ridden roughshod over the Presidential Records Act, routinely ripping up documents that workers worked to tape back together. With his term ending, Trump delayed transferring documents to the National Archives and Records Administration while he contested the election, increasing anxiety over whether the public will ever have an accurate and complete record of his presidency. (Associated Press, January 17, 2020, by Deb Riechmann)

Access to Trump’s records is not immediate in any case. Biden can gain access immediately, but the public must wait five years before using the Freedom of Information Act, and as allowed by law, Trump is restricting access for 12 years. (The Guardian, January 16, 2020, by Staff and the Associated Press)

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  • What is going on in the US these days would not have been possible in any western-European country. When one observes the speaker of the house tearing the copy of the state of the union adress behind the president’s back, we realize that America is still a wild west country. And then the second impeachment!!!!! Mon Dieu. Despite all your brilliant academics America has descended in the same class as the banana-republics. These are sad days for all those Europeans who used to hold America in high regards and made us dream dream as kids about the land of freedom and opportunity. Not everything bad in America can be blamed on Trump, The blame must be sharedof those who made his winning a possibility, all those politicians on both sides of the divide who forgot the American people while looking for means to enrich themselves.

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