Justice Department hiding legal reasons for not indicting Trump for obstruction

The Justice Department admitted that a memo existed with the rationale for not charging President Donald Trump with obstruction of justice given evidence in the Mueller Report. After a Freedom of Information Act request, the department released a heavily redacted memo that does not reveal the legal justification for not charging Trump. (Law & Crime, June 26, 2020, by Jerry Lambe)

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, who filed a FOIA request on the issue, commented, ” If Barr [Attorney General Bill Barr] and Trump are so confident in the rationale used for clearing the president, why did DOJ go to considerable lengths to conceal the existence of this memorandum and why is it continuing to hide the legal basis for the president’s supposed exoneration from the American people?” (CREW, June 26, 2020, by Conor Shaw and Anne Weismann)

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