Facebook commits to labeling rule-breaking posts

Facebook reversed itself and will now label posts with hate messages and other offensive content. CEO Mark Zuckerberg earlier maintained that it was vital to allow President Donald Trump’s posts without comment to allow the public to come to their own decisions. Facing an advertiser boycott, Zuckerberg is trying for a middle course leaving content alone that it is vital for the public to see. But he sees no exceptions for politicians in Facebook’s policies, and also said there was no “newsworthiness” exemption for posts that incite violence or voter suppression. (NPR, June 26, 2020, by Shannon Bond)

Trump could now see his posts flagged if they break Facebook’s rules. Facebook said it would also increase its staff concentrating on countering false claims about polling conditions in the 72 hours before the November election. (The Associated Press, June 26, 2020, by Barbara Ortutay)

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