Trump campaign sidelines Bloomberg News

The Trump presidential campaign announced that it is denying Bloomberg News access to its events after the news agency said it would not investigate Democratic candidates in the 2020 election With Mike Bloomberg in the presidential race, the agency will continue to investigate the Trump presidency and campaign. (Axios, December 2, 2019, by Jonathan Swan)

Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale said the Bloomberg decision revealed its bias against Trump, hence the ban. (Reuters, December 2, 2019, by Ginger Gibson)

When Bloomberg ran for New York City mayor, a post he held for 12 years, the agency declared they would not investigate his personal and business concerns. But the decision to forego investigating his presidential quest presents more of a challenge. Critics lament that the decision will sideline the talented Bloomberg News team and Matthew Knott of The Sydney Morning Herald, December 3, 2019, writes, “At a time when American journalists face heated, and often unfair, criticism for doing their jobs Bloomberg has played right into Trump’s hands, providing potent evidence for his claims of media bias.”