FIRE report: College students denied free speech

FIRE’s study of college speech codes for 2018 revealed an estimated 6.4 million students do not enjoy full free speech rights on campus. They found that 89 percent of colleges retain policies that restriction student expression. FIRE’s Laura Beltz said, “Many college administrators are scrubbing the most egregious policies from the books, but they’re increasingly crafting subtler policies that still limit student expression.” (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, December 4, 2019, press release)

While only a small percentage, 10.6 percent, received the highest rating for protecting free expression, the good news is that the percentage is up, and the percentage of school in the lowest rating is down for the twelfth year in a row to 24.2 percent. (Daily Wire, December 4, 2019, by Ashe Schow)

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