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Righthaven meets a sorry end

When a Nevada federal district court transferred Righthaven’s intellectual property to a court-appointed receiver for auction, it appeared that the copyright enforcer is finally done for. Righthaven had attempted to conduct business by suing small time bloggers and others for posting content from newspapers that Righthaven claimed had sold them the copyrights. -db From a […]

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News media establish company to protect content

Twenty-nine news companies are forming NewsRight, a for-profit enterprise, to protect copyrighted content and to seek fees in cases of unauthorized use of content. NewsRight intends to avoid the errors of Righthaven, the so-called copyright troll, who suffered devastating defeats in the courts caused by its shoddy practices. -db From MediaPost, January 5, 2012, by […]

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PBS’s MediaShift lists eleven top stories in media law for 2011

MediaShift’s top media law stories for 2011 include journalists’ coverage of Occupy movements; the proposed online piracy legislation; net neutrality; coverage of live police actions; Righthaven and the “hot news” doctrine. -db From a commentary in MediaShift, December 23, 2011, by Rob Arcamona, Jeff Hermes and Andy Sellars. Full story

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Opinion: Righthaven overstepped but protection for newspapers still vital

Righthaven’s methods in pursuing copyright violations turned out to be bogus and unfair resulting in its bankruptcy, but, says Jeffrey D. Neuburger in MediaShift, it would be too bad if the company did not survive long enough to pursue appeals lest newspapers lose ground in receiving just compensation for their work. -db From a commentary […]

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Colorado: Blogger wins legal fees and dismissal of Righthaven lawsuit

Righthaven has lost again with a Colorado court ruling that a suit against a blogger was baseless and ordering the copyright troll to pay court costs and attorneys’ fees. In addition, the court put a stay on over 50 cases Righthaven filed in Colorado for copyright infringements. -db From the Electronic Frontier Foundation, September 28, […]

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Opinion: Life after Righthaven shows promise

Commentators for the Electronic Freedom Foundation, Rainey Reitman and Kurt Opsahl, write that in the ashes of Righthaven’s attempt to capitalize on copyright infringement of newspaper articles, there is hope for a new world of free expression. The commentators commend Digital First Media for its advocacy of open sharing of content. -db From the Electronic […]

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