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Open government movement seen as way to engage private sector companies to improve government services

Tech book publisher Tim O’Reilly thinks that with greater openness in government, private sector companies will deliver software, services and applications to provide new and improved services at a lower cost to the public and in the process shrink the size of government. -db InformationWeek Opinion May 24, 2010 By John Foley Tim O’Reilly is […]

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Open government advocates find much to like in latest federal plans for transparency

The Obama administration plans for implementing their Open Government Directive has received much praise with the reservation that some federal agencies seem more committed to transparency than others. -db The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press April 9, 2010 By Miranda Fleschert Federal agencies unveiled open government plans this week as required by the […]

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Obama administration wants carrot method to promote open government

The Obama administration announced that it wants to use prizes and challenges to promote open government in federal agencies. -db Secrrecy News Federation of American Scientists March 11, 2010 By Steven Aftergood Executive branch agencies should “increase the use of prizes and challenges as tools for promoting open government,” the White House Office of Management […]

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Federal government agencies: Transparency watch group assesses open data web pages

OMB Watch designated “leaders and laggards” after it conducted a study of government web pages designed to give citizens access to crucial information. -db OMB Watch February 23, 2010 Complying with requirements of the Open Government Directive (OGD), federal agencies launched transparency pages on their websites Feb. 6. The content and functionality of the pages […]

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Secrecy News cites two agencies that need to get with the program on new federal transparency

The director of the Program on Government Secrecy says that key government departments are responding to the new open government directive but that two agencies stand out for blocking public access, the CIA and the Open Source Center. -DB Secrecy News Federation of American Scientists Commentary December 10, 2009 By Steven Aftergood The Obama Administration’s new […]

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While applauding federal transparency directive, online rights advocate points to pockets of secrecy

A senior counsel for the Electronic Freedom Foundation gives the White House credit for its efforts to improve transparency but says that the Obama administration has yet to respond to requests for information on crucial technology policy issues made last January and February. -DB Electronic Freedom Foundation Commentary December 8, 2009 By David L. Sobel […]

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