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Revisiting Citizens United decision: Not as harmful as feared, and actually provides a 1st Amendment rationale for curbing super PACs

PETER SCHEER–The orgy of political spending that has been unleashed by super PACs in the current election cycle exceeds what a free democracy can bear. A president who is obligated to repay even a fraction of the political debts created by special interests’ funding of super PACs is a president who will be greatly challenged […]

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The Powerful anti-SOPA protests show why corporations, too, need First Amendment rights

BY PETER SCHEER—Successful technology firms pride themselves on their capacity to disrupt the established order. The reference is usually to a technological advance that poses an existential threat to an entrenched industry or way of doing business. Think of Apple Computer’s impact on the cellphone and music industries, Google on the sale and delivery of […]

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Stanford Professor: Citizen’s United “Unjustly Maligned”

Stanford law professor Kathleen M. Sullivan examines the Citizens United ruling in the new issue of Harvard Law Review. Prof. Kathleen Sullivan: Citizens United Has Been “Unjustly Maligned” November 22, 2010 12:52 P.M. By Ed Whelan In an article in the new issue of the Harvard Law Review, Stanford law professor Kathleen M. Sullivan—who is […]

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