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Accessing a public employee’s resume

Accessing a public employee’s resume Q: A California state university employee committed resume fraud in securing job appointment. The chancellor’s HR office conducted an investigation and concluded the employee was guilty.  We heard rumors that the employee was disciplined by the university.  My questions are: 1. Is the disciplinary action on the employee by the university public record? 2. Is the employee’s resume public record? 3. Is the conclusion of chancellor’s investigation public record? If

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Releasing settlement information on a public employee’s termination

Releasing settlement information on a public employee’s termination Q: I am seeking information from two public agencies related to an employee who was separated from both agencies. One agency released a settlement document with the employee in which she agrees to never again seek to accept employment with the county. The county has sought to demote her over and incident or incidents. She took an early retirement instead. The settlement document notes the demotion was

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Personnel Files

Personnel Files Q: How do I access city personnel files? Particularly performance reviews? A: As you know, under the California Public Records Act (“PRA”), records in the possession of public entities are presumed to be public unless one of the Act’s enumerated exceptions to disclosure applies.  The PRA exempts from disclosure “[p]ersonnel, medical, or similar files, the disclosure of which would constitute an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy.”  Gov’t Code § 6254(c). There has been

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