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Trump war against leaks may ensnarl journalists

After Attorney General Jeff Sessions lambasted leakers and journalists last week, Rod Rosenstein, his deputy, said the Trump administration did not intend to target reporters in investigating leaks. Sessions warned in his Friday remarks that reporters  could not expect “unlimited” leeway in receiving leaked information, but Rosenstein said they were concentrating on leakers who committed […]

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Rotten Tomatoes: When does too much free speech ruin business?

Movie studios are delaying release of reviews until the last moment to dampen the effect of poor reviews reported on Rotten Tomatoes. With Fandango, now Rotten Tomatoes owner, posting Tomatometer scores for every movie on its site, questions has arisen as to the wisdom of those potentially withering reviews that produce a green splat. And […]

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U.S. Press Freedom Tracker allows scrutiny of state of press freedom

The U.S. Press Freedom Tracker, announced last spring, is up and running as a database of local and federal government interference with the press. “The tracker provides snapshots of individual journalists and their cases. Several categories of press freedom incidents will be tracked: arrests and detentions, border stops, chilling statements, denial of access, equipment searches, […]

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Former detective claims Fox News colluded with Trump administration to produce false news on Rich murder investigation

A contributor to Fox News has sued the network for releasing fake news about the murder of Democratic aide Seth Rich to draw attention away from the Russia investigation. Rich’s family had hired retired detective Rod Wheeler to investigate the murder. Wheeler claimed that Fox News made up quotes from him in an article about […]

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Federal judge rules public officials can’t block social media users: can Trump block Twitter critics?

A federal district court has ruled in a Virginia case that under the First Amendment, an elected  government official may not block social media users from expressing views the officials consider repugnant. The ruling provided an answer to the question of whether President Donald Trump can continue to block users on Twitter. The Knight First […]

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Lawyers invoke First Amendment to justify Trump comments about ejecting protesters

President Donald Trump’s lawyers claimed the president is within his First Amendment rights to instruct followers to use “reasonable force” in ejecting protesters at his campaign rallies. The claim was part of an emergency motion asking the U.S. court of appeals in Ohio to dismiss a lawsuit filed by three people who alleged they were […]

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Free speech victory in Supreme Court ruling on Slants trademark

The U.S. Supreme Court upheld the right of The Slants to register their rock band name as a trademark, writing that given First Amendment protections, speech could not be banned for merely offending people. The Asian-American band wanted the name as a move to “reclaim a stereotype.” (Hollywood Reporter, June 19, 2017, by Eriq Gardner) […]

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