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National security versus First Amendment: Dispute over secrecy of FISA court continues

The federal government filed a brief in the ten-year quest by the American Civil Liberties Union for Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) documents showing its bulk collection authority. The en blanc FISA court ruled the ACLU should be heard on the merits of its First Amendment argument but doubted it could dent the court’s security. […]

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New groups supports university students in fight for free speech rights

A new legal organization plans to take universities to court for violating students’ free speech rights. Speech First was formed to defend students up against powerful and wealthy universities and differs from other legal defense groups by soliciting members among students, faculty, parents, alums and the general public. (Reason, March 1, 2018, by Robby Soave) […]

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Students line up First Amendment protections for gun violence protests

When students from Parkland, Florida protested gun laws after 17 were killed in a school shooting at their high school, they were applauded as were, in many instances, other protesting students across the country some of whom even walked out of classes. But similar demonstrations by students of color against gun violence have not received […]

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Free speech: Georgia legislature punishes Delta Air Lines for breakup with NRA

When Delta Air Lines ended its business arrangement with the National Rifle Association (NRA) after 17 were killed in the latest school shooting, it wasn’t expecting a government backlash. But Georgia Lt. Governor Casey Cagle stepped up to threaten a break on gas taxes for the airline. Many think the state legislature actions would violate […]

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With an alleged egregious act of violence St. Louis police damage reporter’s career

A St. Louis journalist is suing the city and a number of its police officers for unlawful arrest and assault committed while he was covering a September 2017 peaceful protest march over a police shooting. Even though the reporter Mike Faulk wore his press credentials around his neck, police threw him to the ground, assaulting him […]

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EPA sinks to new lows in complying with FOIA requests

With the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) electing to operate under a veil of secrecy, lawsuits attacking the agency are proliferating. The lawsuits filed under the Freedom of Information Act seek information on a range of issues including EPA actions and policies on climate change, water rules, pesticides and toxic waste sites. Other cases seek information […]

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Federal judge blocks California law banning publication of actors’ ages

A federal district judge ruled against the actors union and a California law banning the publication of actors’ ages by entertainment employee services if the actors object. The judge said the law violated the First Amendment and would allow states to “forbid publication of virtually any fact.” The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) backed passage of […]

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New obstacle for news media covering mass shootings: Dodging and debunking bogus claims

Certain news outlets were fooled by white nationalists and coordinated internet trolls into publishing a false claim that the Florida school shooter was a member of an extremist group. The Republic of Florida told the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) that Nikolas Cruz was part of their organization. Joan Donovan, a researcher of online fake news, “…called […]

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Judge thwarts San Diego County in threat of free press over exposé e of jailhouse deaths

To evade responsibility for the death of inmates in the county jail, San Diego County asked the court, by way of discovery, to direct a reporter to submit all her notes, documents and interviews, even those unpublished. In attempting this end run, the county ignored the First Amendment and California’s shield laws. The county claimed […]

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