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FAC Receives $100k Gift from Craig Newmark Philanthropies

FAC has received a $100,000 gift from Craig Newmark Philanthropies to support the organization’s work to defend free speech, the free press, and public participation in civic affairs. This generous and substantial commitment will enable FAC to continue to grow its programs and reach new audiences—work that is more important than ever in light of unprecedented threats to the First Amendment and the public’s right to know. The gift from Craig Newmark, the founder of craigslist and

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FAC Prevails in Effort to Force CA Attorney General to Disclose Police Misconduct Files

A San Francisco judge today ordered California Attorney General Xavier Becerra to begin disclosing police-misconduct files sought by the First Amendment Coalition (FAC)—a victory for government transparency against one of the few remaining police agencies in the state to refuse to comply with Senate Bill 1421, California’s new landmark police transparency bill that went into effect on Jan. 1. San Francisco Superior Court judge Richard B. Ulmer, Jr. soundly rejected the Attorney General’s claim that

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FAC Moves to Unseal Search Warrants in Illegal Police Raid on SF Journalist

The First Amendment Coalition (FAC) today filed a motion to unseal the San Francisco Police Department’s applications for two search warrants in the case of journalist Bryan Carmody, whose home and office police raided last week, sparking national outrage from press advocates, civil libertarians and many others. Why two judges authorized those warrants—which appear to be illegal under both California and federal law—remains a mystery since the police department’s applications for the warrants are under seal

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FAC Moves—Again—To Unseal Records From CA Supreme Court “Secret Docket”

The First Amendment Coalition (FAC) today asked the California Supreme Court to unseal Gov. Gavin Newsom’s request that the Court affirm his decision to pardon a Southern California woman convicted of felonies years ago. Today’s motion is the sixth in a series of motions FAC has filed in the high court in an effort to increase public access to what amounts to a “secret docket” at the state’s highest court— where records relating to a Governor’s

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FAC Forces Disclosure of More Documents From CA Supreme Court ‘Secret Docket’

Even more secret records related to former California Gov. Jerry Brown’s request to pardon former state Sen. Rod Wright became public yesterday—the result of an ongoing effort by the First Amendment Coalition (FAC) to shine light on the decades-old California Supreme Court practice of automatically sealing documents related to executive clemency. The once-sealed records released yesterday include e a detailed investigation report from the Board of Parole hearings as well as an overview of Wright’s criminal history.

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