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FAC Seeks Nominations for 2018 Free Speech & Open Government Award

The First Amendment Coalition is soliciting nominees for the FAC Free Speech & Open Government Award, given each year for performance of exemplary work in the arena of open government. Qualifications for the award are outstanding accomplishment, service or other contributions to “the people’s right to know” about government. The winner, or winners, could be […]

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Private prison company incarcerating immigrants threatens defamation lawsuit

A private prison company is lashing out at a Florida protest group for its opposition to the company for profiting by its government contracts to lock up undocumented immigrants. The GEO Group claims the Dream Defenders had made defamatory statements, interfered with its government  contracts, disrupted its operations and encouraged threatening and violent behavior. (American […]

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Free speech and law enforcement: Battle still on over nonviolent threats against police officers

The Fifth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals found a Lousiana law criminalizing threats against public officials was an unconstitutional restriction on free speech rights. Police officers had arrested two men for threats to get them fired. “To be sure, it [the Louisiana law] covers a large swath of unprotected speech,” wrote the judge for the […]

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Democrats use FOIA requests in push for Kavanaugh government service records

Democratic senators in the U.S. Congress found themselves in new territory as they resorted to Freedom of Information Act requests to obtain records of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh who was associate White House counsel for President George W Bush. (FindLaw, August 9, 2018, by George Khory, Esq.) The nonprofit Fix the Court filed a […]

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Some cynical, uneasy over Acosta battles with Trump administration

CNN reporter Jim Acosta has garnered approval from some quarters for standing up to the Trump administration for their hostility towards the press. But he also drew some criticism from sympathetic observers who think he has gone too far in becoming the story himself. Todd S. Purdum, The Atlantic, August 7, 2018, thinks Acosta’s confrontation […]

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FCC caught in lie over public comment on net neutrality

The Inspector General for the Federal Communications Commission found that there was no denial-of-service attack during the public input before the FCC repealed net neutrality. The incident occurred in May of 2017 after an HBO host urged his audience to submit comments to the FCC supporting neutrality. The audience was blocked from filing comments as […]

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Federal judge rules tour guides’ free speech rights violated by licensing requirement

A federal district judge in South Carolina ruled that Charleston’s law requiring tour guides to obtain a license violated their First Amendment rights. “The [tour-guide] licensing law imposes real burdens on those hoping to be tour guides in Charleston,” the court’s opinion reads, “[b]ut the record demonstrates that the City never investigated or tried to […]

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The Press Goes Full Donner Party

BY DAVID SNYDER—As 2018 slouches onward, an already embattled news media has found itself ever more isolated and mistrusted. Just one depressing frame from the lowlight reel: according to a recent poll by Axios, nearly all Republicans (93%), and a majority of Democrats (53%), believe traditional news outlets knowingly report false or misleading stories “at […]

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