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FAC Leadership Society

The FAC Leadership Society honors our most devoted supporters with name recognition on FAC’s website, an annual Society event, special communications from our Executive Director, and special gifts.

In 2020, Leadership Society members will receive a copy of New York Times Deputy General Counsel David E. McCraw’s Truth In Our Times: Inside the Fight for Press Freedom in the Age of Alternative Facts, a book that explores journalistic practices and ethics in the age of “Fake News” and the dramatically brave new media world we behold.  

The Society helps FAC grow its community of committed supporters, ensuring our ability to keep up the fight for First Amendment rights and the public’s right to know. All donors who give $1,000 or more automatically become Society members.

We welcome donors to join the Society by contributing at least $1,000 to FAC. You can do so here.

FAC Leadership Society Members

Alan Braverman

Alberto Ibarguen

Alica Del Valle

Allen Grossman

Allen McCombs

Anders Pers

Anna Tong

Barbara Fagan-Smith

Bob Rawitch

Bradley Zeve

Bruce B. Brugmann

Bruce Karatz

Bruce Simon, Esq.

Carol Melamed

Carrie Peyton-Dahlberg

Cheryl Brown

Cynthia Amer

Cynthia and Peter Hecker

Dan Bernstein

Dan Gillmor

Dan Pulcrano

Danny Scher

David Becker & Leslie Seeman

David McCraw

Derek Kerr

Diane & Robert Master

Dick Rogers

Deborah & Justin Scheer

Donal & Brenda Brown

Don Zimmerman

Duffy Carolan

Ed Chapuis

Ed Snyder

Ed Wasserman

Eric Eldon

Eva Grove

Frances Dinkelspiel

Frank & Christine Currie

Gary Pruitt

George Chikovani

Gerald Bean

Ginny LaRoe

Greg & Anne Avis

Hal Fuson

James Chadwick

James Tompkins

Jan Carroll

Jay Harris

Jean-Paul Jassy

Jefferson Rice and Ina Chun

Jerry Ceppos

Jim Newton

John Blankfort

John Raess

John Temple

Juliet Williams

Karl Olson

Karen Stevenson

Karen Winner

Katherine Rowlands

Kathryn & Frederick Baron

Kathryn Fuller

Kelly & Steve Caffarelli

Ken Doctor

Kent Walker & Diane Walsh

Kevin Bankston

Krishna Bharat

Kristi Humphries

Kristine Raatz

Kristin Pace

Lauren Corrigan

Linda Chan, Esq.

Marianne Kearney-Brown

Mark Chandler & Laurie Wingate

Martin Weybret

Mary Kuehne McEachron

Matthew Cate

Mel Opotowsky

Mort Levine

Nancy Heinen

Nate Cardozo

Norman Pearlstine & Jane Boon

Paul and Elizabeth Nyberg

Paul Boylan

Paul Podrid & Susan Levenberg

Paul Sack

Peter Opotowsky

Peter Scheer

Quentin Kopp

Reed & Betsy Hundt

Regina Wilson

Richard Carpeneti, Esq.

Richard Gingras

Richard Sander

Robert Salladay

Roger Myers

Rowland Rebele

Sandra Baron

Sandy Yoffie

Scott Lindlaw

Sewell Chan

Simone Coxe

Stephanie McKown

Stephen Jackson

Steven Falk

Tad Taube

Theresa Moyers & Ed Snyder

Thomas & Donna Lockner

Thomas R. Burke

Tim Alger

Timothy & Jan McGirk

Wendy Mines

William Johnson