A&A: What are the rules regarding free speech and highway signage?

Q: Our organization is the primary voice working in opposition against a state plan that we believe will have terrible environmental and economic consequences. Our members throughout the region display our signs, but Caltrans removed the signs from private property citing Business and and Professions Code 5405.3. The CalTrans Supervisor said to us and several supporters that if people do not move the signs 660 feet from the public right of way that they can

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A&A: Foundation that gives millions to county agency claims CPRA doesn’t apply to them

Q: I am investigating a foster care shelter in California. When a child is removed from an abusive home, the child is taken to this shelter to wait for a foster home. The shelter is run by the county.  However,  it receives major funding from a foundation. The foundation and the shelter have the same name except the foundation has the word foundation at the end. It was started by a judge who formerly oversaw

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A&A: How can I gain access to my UC police records?

Q: I am seeking to obtain my records from the University of CA. (1) I received the following response to my request for supplemental records to two police reports. An attorney who specializes in FOIA requests advised that the following language may not constitute a legitimate denial to my records requests. He advised me to seek out someone who specializes in the CPRA and the IPA. The denial from the UC records management office reads

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A&A: How do we respond to government harassment of our protest?

Q: We had some 15 protesters on a public passage that is a footpath over a major frwy. A  government entity kept harassing us during our protest. We hung large signs over the frwy as these overpasses have metal grids fencing. This in turn slowed but did not impede or block or obstruct moving traffic. Houston police never asked us to leave and did not worry us however Dept of Transportation employees kept trying to

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A&A: Is it legal to profit by selling information from public records?

Q: Thank you so much for providing this service! I am attempting to learn all I can regarding laws prohibiting or allowing the selling/profiting from public information. Specifically I am interested in the legality of websites, apps, companies, etc. charging members of the public a fee for access to information about sex offenders identical to the information already provided by national, state, and local registries. There are several different types of companies doing this: some

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