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Ensure Our Work Can Continue

Planned giving ensures FAC’s work will continue. If you have made provisions for FAC in your will or living trust, we would like to welcome you to our Legacy Society. The Legacy Society honors the philanthropic vision of individuals who have thoughtfully provided for the future of government transparency and the public’s right to know with a planned gift. By becoming a member of our Legacy Society, you encourage others to do the same.

how to become a member

By informing FAC of your legacy gift, you help us prepare for the future. Equally important, you give us the chance to thank you for your generosity. To notify us of your intentions, please email Kathleen Morgen. Information provided on this website is general in nature and not intended to be tax or legal advice applying to your specific situation. Advice from a qualified professional advisor should be sought when considering a gift.

Our Legacy Society Founding Members


"The good work FAC does must not end!"​

"We’ve included the First Amendment Coalition in our estate planning because we know the need for transparency in government will not end with our deaths. One of the best ways to insure that non-profits like FAC keep on fighting for openness and the public’s right to know, is to include FAC generously in your estate planning. We know of many non-profits that are doing good work precisely because former members have bequeathed legacy gifts to them. The good work FAC does must not end with us!"
Reb & Pat Rebele
Retired Newspaper Publisher & FAC Board Member
"Now more than ever the work of First Amendment Coalition is needed to fight for the openness that is essential to the functioning of a democracy. That’s why we have included FAC in our will."
Karl Olson
Attorney & FAC Board Member
"So much can go wrong when the public's business is hidden from view. The First Amendment Coalition works tirelessly to penetrate secrecy at all levels of government, and that’s why we have joined FAC’s Legacy Society."​
FAC's FOI Award
Former SF Chronicle Editor & FAC Board Member

"FAC thoughtfully and honestly advances the cause."

"As an economist and law professor at UCLA, I've come to realize that freedom-of-information laws are crucial to good policy-making and government accountability. The First Amendment Coalition (FAC) thoughtfully and honestly advances the cause of government disclosure and transparency. I can't think of another institution where my investment can have a bigger impact on the future evolution of our democratic society. That's why I have included FAC in my estate planning, to help ensure that this vital work is supported for years and years to come."
Richard Sander, Professor, UCLA Law School
Richard Sander
Law Professor, UCLA Law School