AI update: Protection scant against lies about individuals

A Dutch politician who served in the European Parliament found herself labeled as a terrorist recently by artificial intelligence with little recourse. In her case the AI had combined two unrelated pieces of information into an incorrect sentence. Other instances are surfacing, but it is difficult to bring lawsuits since law concerning AI is undeveloped. (The New York Times, August 7, 2023, by Tiffany Hsu)

Authors are freaking out as they discover that parts of their books have been uploaded and scanned without their consent. One author even found someone selling books on Amazon under her name that seemed to be written with by AI. (TechCrunch, August 7, 2023, by Amanda Silberling)

The news industry is struggling to make plans for the use of artificial intelligence. John Herrman in the New York Magazine, August 1, 2023, discusses three theories about what may happen, AI replaces journalism; AI improves journalism; and AI swallows journalism.

Devin Coldewey in TechCrunch, August 4, 2023, explains the key concepts for artificial intelligence, provides a list of the major players in AI and recent developments in the field.