Brave new world arrives with uncensored chatbots

A.I. chatbots developed by independent programmers or teams of volunteers have downloaded unrestricted chatbots and using them without the guardrails employed by social media and tech companies. Many are fearful that the new chatbots will turbo charge the threats of online child pornography, hate and lies. It is clear that the new developers are not interested in censoring themselves so what can be done given the vital role of free speech in the U.S.? (The New York Times, July 3, 2023, by Stuart A. Thompson)

Gary Markus, emeritus professor of psychology and neural science, says it is easy to retrain an uncensored chatbot to tell a specific story for use in campaigns of lies. They can spew “sophisticated variations on a theme” sounding like real persons so there could be billions of lies a day where they used to be only thousands. (MSNBC, July 6, 2023, by Zeeshan Aleem)

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