The state of journalism: Saving local journalism through public policy

A group of local news groups formed Rebuild Local News to generate billions in aid for local news companies “though philanthropy, business initiatives and government proposals that are focused mostly on tax credits.” (Axios, January 14, 2023, by Sara Fischer)

With shrinking local news rooms and ability to foster accountability of elected officials, it may be wise to resurrect the subsidy to newspapers first enacted by Congress in 1792. Just as libraries need public support so do newspapers who do vital reporting on local issues. (Columbia Journalism Review, January 24, 2023, by Steve Waldman)

Rather than focus on saving local news rooms, a new report, The Roadmap for Local News, calls for collaborative efforts to produce civic information. The civic media would produce civic information defined as “high-quality, verifiable information that enables people to respond to collective needs by enhancing local coordination, problem-solving, systems of public accountability, and connectedness.” (NiemanLab, February 2, 2003, by Laura Hazard Owen)

Media analyst Ken doctor is attempting to buck the trend with his startup local news website in Santa Cruz, California, and Doctor says his company is poised to become profitable in its second year, 2023. (Los Angeles Times, February 5, 2023, by James Rainey)

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