Republican move to exclude press inspires commentary

A Washington Post editorial, August 18, 2022, laments that politicians are placing restrictions on journalists trying to cover the news. The worst offenders have been candidates backed by former president Donald Trump. The Post writes, “These trends don’t just hinder media coverage. They also insulate would-be leaders from tough questions and thorny issues. Mostly, they hurt voters by leaving them less informed.”

Chris Quinn, the editor of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, rejected ground rules for covering an event with GOP U.S. senate nominee J.D. Vance and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, calling the rules “the kinds of policies you’d see in a fascist regime.” And Politico’s Jack Shafer predicted Republicans would start including the mainstream press in 2024 as they felt the need to attract a broader constituency. (Columbia Journalism Review, August 24, 2022, by Jon Allsop)

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