Journalists persist in revealing truth about police action in Uvalde school shooting

Journalists covering the school massacre in Uvalde, Texas have been treated as enemies by police, threatened with arrest and harassed by self-appointed “Guradians of the Children.” In attempting to get at the details of the poor police response to the shootings, reporters have been barred from public meetings and refused information about how the police conducted themselves on May 24. (The Washington Post, June 28, 2022, by Arelis R. Hernandez and Paul Farhi)

Reporters are still working to build a narrative of events on May 29 in the face of stonewalling and finger pointing between different government agencies. The Texas Tribune published a detailed account of the massacre on June 20 based on surveillance footage, police transcripts and reporting by local and national news outlets. (Vanity Fair, June 22, 2022, by Charlotte Klein)

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