Conservatives parrot Russian propaganda on Ukraine

Experts on information manipulation found that some American right wing politicians and media hosts are bonding with Russia in promoting lies about the invasion of Ukraine. “A feedback loop between the Kremlin and parts of the American right has been palpable since the war’s start in February,” writes Peter Stone, “which Moscow falsely labeled as a ‘special military operation’ aimed at stopping ‘genocide’ of Russians in Ukraine and ‘denazification’ – two patently bogus charges that drew widespread international criticism.” (The Guardian, April 6, 2022)

Fox News host Tucker Carrlson repeated the lie that Ukraine was working on biological weapons with the help of the U.S. “The biolab conspiracy theory is an example of how Russian narratives can be seized on and refined by conspiracy theorists in the U.S., who can often spread false narratives far more effectively than Russia’s own efforts,” write Bill Chappell and Odette Yousef for npr, March 25, 2022.

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