Censorship invades academia

FIRE reports that attacks on professors on ideological grounds totaled 111 in 2021, most of the incidents originating from the political left of the professor. Over 60 percent of the incidents resulted in sanctions, including investigations, suspensions and terminations. (Freedom for Individual Rights in Education, March 2, 2022, press release)

Academic freedom is under assault particularly over the teaching about race and racism. Texas Lt Governor Dan Patrick is proposing to yank the tenure of anyone teaching “critical race theory.” “The American Association of University Professors defines academic freedom, in principal part, as the ‘freedom of a teacher or researcher in higher education to investigate and discuss the issues in his or her academic field, and to teach or publish findings without interference from political figures, boards of trustees, donors, or other entities.’” (MSNBC, February 28, 2022, by Steve Vladeck)

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