Trump stymied in dodge of January 6 disclosures

A House of Representatives committee is seeking White House records on the January 6 insurrection as former President Donald Trump claims executive privilege in a bid in federal courts to block the committee’s request. Trump’s maneuvers seem ill-fated as the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 1977 in a case involving former President Richard Nixon, “The privilege [executive privilege] is not for the benefit of the President as an individual, but for the benefit of the Republic.” (CNN, November 11, 2021, by Joan Biskupic)

Trump is appealing the decision by district judge Tanya S. Chutkan clearing the way for release of the records. The U.C. Circuit Court of Appeals of the District of Columbia will hear the appeal. Chutkan ruled emphatically for the committee, “The court holds that the public interest lies in permitting—not enjoining—the combined will of the legislative and executive branches to study the events that led to and occurred on January 6, and to consider legislation to prevent such events from ever occurring again,” the judge wrote. (The Washington Post, November 9, 2021, by Spencer S. Hsu)

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