Olympic shot-putter provokes standoff on podium protests

In receiving her silver medal in the shot-put, Raven Saunders of the U.S. brought to focus the disparity in the rules of the international committee and the U.S. Olympic leaders when she crossed her arms above her head, she said, in solidarity with oppressed people. The U.S. allows gestures so long as they are not hateful. The international committee bars all political demonstrations at the Games. (The New York Times, August 1, 2021, by Matthew Futterman, Talya Minsberg and David W. Chen)

Saunders said her protest was in part of a protest plan developed with a group text message with U.S. athletes in multiple sports. The X would stand for unity with oppressed people. Under Olympic rules, the national committee is required to punish any athletes violating the ban on protests. (The New York Times, August 2, 2021, by Matthew Futterman)